Robin "bird" Smith started making pottery as a hobby and a time to relax from her daily position as a banker. Her pieces are very creative and whimsical, as well as true to nature.She makes animal figurines, platters with different subjects attached, bowls from different leaves, plates with paintings and etching on them of different farm animals, and she even makes chicken shine mugs, too! She will tell you that she has attended so many functions, where you needed to bring a gift, that she would make up a batch of crab dip and take to the function in one of her famous crab dip bowls and leave the crab dip bowl as the party gift. She said that she has done this on numerous occasions and that people loved getting to keep the bowl. Her crab dip bowls are one of Rocky's number one best sellers! "bird" lives on a farm where she raises miniature donkeys. She is married and has two children and two... soon to be three grand children.