John "Cornbread" Anderson

Many folks have stopped and asked,"Who is Cornbread?" He is none other than John Anderson.  Cornbread was born and raised in the North Georgia area and resides here today, with his wife, Jana, and their two sons, Poley and Isaac. He has held numerous jobs in his lifetime such as that of a diesel mechanic, butcher, law enforcement officer and manager of a farm. These jobs were not quite as creative as that of being a visionary artist, and currently, his paintings have taken the role of a full-time job. 
Cornbread has been surrounded by artists, as both his mother and wife paint, but the bug didn't hit him until 1995, and he has been a house afire ever since. His subjects come straight from his own personal experiences of living the country life. His paintings feature guineas, strawberries, foxes, turkeys, coons, birds and the like painted on the surfaces of metal, wood, cardboard, and canvas. In the folk art world, his name is a household word. Here at Around Back at Rocky's Place, we pride ourselves in showing the "best" selection of his work in the entire universe!