Rocky by Liz Shumate

"Portrait of Rocky" by Liz Shumate

In honor of Rocky

1988 - 2001

History of Rocky's Place: 

After losing our beloved five-pound Pekingese, Rocky, Around Back at Rocky's Place began from a vision dreamed by owner Tracey Burnette. The gallery originated in a tool shed that is located around the back of the house. To honor our canine companion, Around Back at Rocky's Place was born.


Both Blan and Burnette first began collecting pottery some thirty years ago, which then led to collecting paintings and other mediums. From this hobby sprang the gallery in 2002 with 24 artists. Over the years, we have grown to a second building with approximately 300 self-taught painters, potters, wood carvers, metal sculptors, and fabric artists. To see all of our artists and their work, visit our gallery in person or online!


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